Find out Hidden Actual Email Address from Facebook Address

Posted on Jan 13 2013 - 6:22pm by Itender
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Facebook recently added a new layer of security by hiding the actual email address of its users and by introducing email address instead of or addresses.
This security feature is a great move to prevent email phishing scams but on the other hand this new security feature of facebook is emerging as a problem for frequent facebook users.

Some problems arise when we need actual email address of our friend for mailing purpose.

But in this article we are introducing some tricks to convert address to actual email address. I hope tricksmode readers will found it helpful.

Things required:

Access to

So here we start

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: sign in on by using your facebook account.

Login on yahoo using facebook

Step 3: After successful login. Click on “import contacts from facebook” and you’re done. You will get your entire facebook friend’s actual email address there.
you can search that list to get your desired friend’s actual email address.

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  • Denish

    Dear how come we can login with the facebook account to yahoo account i am confuse,I tried but not successful

  • Deepak Agrawal

    it will not show all frnds email id

  • Aman Verma

    i think you should have to give it a try..

  • Sheri Babu

    not working. i did this, but the email adress of partcular friend is not showing in that list, remaining all are showing. how to find that particlar email adress?

  • Sheri Babu

    you r rite. it not showing the email adress of that friend, whose i want to find.

  • Ashish Shan

    I have my facebook acc (ashishhsihsa) and I have used a yahoo id for that.

    something like a******* But sadly I dont remember my email id. can you helo me out. I am in a serious pblm. pls reply

  • Aman Verma

    check account settings on well get email address there under primary email address section..

  • Ouissàm Visioñ

    i have 494 Friends, its imported only 255 whats the pronlem?

  • Aman Verma

    If its not working properly for you then, There is another way out,If you have an android phone, then synchronize your Facebook contacts with your mobile. It will save all the friend’s email addresses in your friendlist..

  • Marvin Rettenmaier

    i lost my yahoo and facebook email and also not remember its info so how can i get ack my account its show me a hind like s******B so how can i get it back??

  • Aman Verma

    You can sign in with using your mobile number (if registered with facebook)

    facebook provides a way to sign in with registered mobile numbers instead of email addresses

  • mohsin

    per android phone sey bhi nahi aye email

  • Jahed

    This is only for Facebook friends. But if some one not in my friend list than how i can get the mail address of this particular ID? In profile it is not given

  • Aman Verma

    Yea you are right…it can only find out the email address of facebook friends…You have to add the person to your friend list before finding out their actual email address..

  • Meir Tolpin

    How to know email of not friend

  • hemn

    thanks dear .I did it successfully.

  • Patel Ritesh S

    hey dear plz tell me how can find someone email id frm their profile???

  • Aman Verma

    you are always welcome hemn

  • Aman Verma

    you have to add them to your friend list first..

  • Aman Verma

    this article is all about the question you are asking..

  • Ross Taylor

    I have added a friend in my list. But i am not getting the email id of that friend.e Maybe bcz he has hided his email id in facebook…. Please help me…

  • Himanshu Shah

    Hi ! Aman , theres great tricks you shown us for facebook . But I want to know that Who turn off chat for me from my friend list . because when i send them message its shows me seen 12:00 am in chat sidebar . but i can’t see them online . can u plz help me about this ?. Thank you.

  • Aman Verma

    did you tried above mentioned trick…if yes..then it will be imported to your yahoo contact list..

  • Aman Verma

    If you are seeing SEEN…and the person is not appearing online.. Then most probably he turned off chat for you…i will try to find out a trick which will list all the online person who turned off chat in future..till then stay tuned with tricksmode

  • preety pari

    its very nice way u told but i know the email address of my friend those r add in my facebook add…how we know plz tell me..?

  • Aishwarya Kaur

    I have my facebook account bt i don’t remember the e-mail id and phone number also…so how can i find my id or no.

  • Manoj Kumar

    this artcle is very help full for us

    Thanks so for

  • Aman Verma

    Please be specific, I am not getting what exactly you want..

  • Aman Verma

    Great, You don’t know your mobile number..!!
    Better to create a new account..

  • krishna Nalli

    hai aman … for me nothing happens when i click on fb icon to import contacts

  • Aman Verma

    Hello Krishna, This is because pop-up is blocked in your browser. Please allow pop up for yahoo.

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